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Hello and welcome to Aquabike Newbie.

My name is Tammy Martin and, perhaps like you, I am an Aquabike Newbie.

Even though I have been an active person, I only just completed my first ever aquabike triathlon endurance event 7 days ago.  Unless you count high school basketball and track and field; which was ages ago, it was my first time “competing” in any endurance event ever.  I say the word “competing” loosely because I was out there competing only against myself.  Sure I held aspirations that I wouldn’t be the last one out there, but I held no disillusions about being in competition with the more seasoned aquabike athletes and triathletes.

My only other previous experiences with organised athletic events, out of school, have been of a more casual recreational nature.  Many moons ago during my college years, a boyfriend and I participated in a charity MS 150 bike ride, which entailed a weekend round trip 150 mile bike ride with an overnight stay near Atlantic City.   In 2018, I organised a LEAP n2u Fitness team to participate in the HBF Run for a Reason here in Perth and to raise funds for Alzheimer’s WA (Western Australia).  I have also participated in some extended gruelling sea kayak camping and training programs, but that’s something else all together.

LEAP n2u Fitness HBF Run For A Reason 2018

That’s it as far as my participation in organised endurance events.  Pretty scant, I know.  But I think it definitely qualifies me for the “newbie” category.  It also leaves me in a perfect position to learn and share along the way.

AND since I am also a movement coach and personal trainer who specialises in a myofascial approach to fitness training, I may have a unique perspective in regards to Aquabike training and recovery.

I’ve created this website because I realise that there are a lot of questions out there in regards to Aquabike training and events.  Questions that if you are new to the sport of Aquabike or triathlon even, you may need answered.  Questions that I am in the process of answering for myself.  I look forward to sharing the answers with you and taking this journey together.

Please enjoy Aquabike Newbie.  I hope it provides you with some helpful information on your way to being an “Aquabikeathlete”.  If you would like personal feedback in regards to your training or a 1:1 coaching program developed for you, email me at tammy@leapintoyoufitness.com.


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Tammy Martin is a movement coach and personal trainer and is sole owner of LEAP n2u fitness, leapintoyoufitness.com.  An empowering movement coaching business geared towards women over 40, but open to anyone who doesn’t fit the typical fitness model mold and could use a little help with staying fit and active.

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