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Progressive Overload Training

Progressive Overload Training Principle

What is the Progressive Overload Training Principle? The Progressive Overload Training Principle utilizes the human body’s physiological ability to adapt to increasing work loads to improve physical conditioning. What does this mean?  It means that the human body is designed to adapt to the demands that are placed upon it. This is Fantastic news!  Because it means that your body is capable of doing amazing feats.  Feats …

how to build swimming endurance

How To Build Up Swimming and Cycling Endurance

Hopefully you are starting to get excited about the idea of committing to an Aquabike race.   Perhaps you have even checked out the calendar of upcoming swim + bike events in your area.   Maybe, just maybe, you are also starting to evaluate your current fitness so that you can plan your aquabike training plan and how to put it all together.  You might also …

planning an Aquabike training plan

Planning an Aquabike Training Plan

Is your interest about Aquabike racing peaked? Can you visualize yourself at the starting line; all jazzed and thrilled that you successfully completed your training and that you actually made it to the show?  It feels good, yeah?  Visualizing success is the first step to getting there.  The second step is putting together a practical and effective aquabike training plan.  A training plan that takes …

Tammy Martin my first half ironman and aquabike rookie mistakes

My First Half Ironman Aquabike and Rookie Mistakes

My first half ironman aquabike and rookie mistakes. Have you ever heard of an Aquabike event? Up until 5 months ago I had never heard of one either.  But when I saw it listed as part of the Sufferfest Triathlon Series on Rottnest Island here in Western Australia it instantly grabbed my attention.  You see, I’m one of those people who kinda sorta thinks that …